Safety is a major asset that Shodecosa Park offers to its tenants.Renewed and sustained attention is paid to the training and professionalization of the security and surveillanceof the park.According to the vision of  Youri Mevs:”The only way toachieve results that meets the expectations of our customers is a constant recycling of the operating procedures so that we can adapt to a changing, and sometimes volatile, environment. In this same concept, 10 agents, that works during day time, received this week a certificate for their rigor in the implementation and enforcement of regulatory standards of the said service.
These agents are:

1. Abdiel Clervil
2. Ambrose Marckensy
3. Antoine Guillaume
4. Blaise Jean Renel
5. Jean Petuel
6. Jusma Gilbert
7. Lider Thelemaque
8. Yves Marie Lubin
9. Pierre Rosenac
10.Saint Fleur Ferien

Henri Daniel Vaval, expert in safety and security, which alongside Youri Mevs, Park Administrator, presented the certificates to these agents, confirms:”We have men of quality in the service of monitoring, and it’s our job to help them realize and express their full potential.” Without a fully planned and continuous training, the performances will not be what it should be. Between the equal departures from the starting line, and the performances of each of them until they reach the finish line, work, makes the individual solely responsible of its own path. To the team that was honored this week, we present to them are congratulations and wish that they will continue on the same path and if possible a greater one, and to the other agents, we hope that they will be next
in line to receive their own certificates.


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